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Attorney Jack Duffy is one of the area’s elite in personal injury and criminal defense law. His clients and peers acknowledge his professionalism and knowledge of the law. Local publications have named him one of the area’s best lawyers. Since 1991, Mr. Duffy has represented clients in Haltom City in personal injury cases, and defended clients charged with DUI/DWI, traffic tickets and other criminal charges. He has helped clients all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area avoid fines and jail time so that they can get on with their lives. Let him help you as well.

Personal Injury

Often in personal injury cases, victims have a tough time finding an attorney to take their case. They may believe you aren’t worth their time. You aren’t likely to hear that from Jack Duffy. He will listen to your side of the story and take a hard look at the facts of the case. Then, he’ll give you an honest assessment of what he can do for you, whether he can settle the matter or fight in court. If you’ve been injured in an accident because of someone else’s mistake, you will be worried about your medical bills, lost wages and the future of you and your family. Mr. Duffy will help get you as close to whole as possible, getting those bills paid, lost wages accounted for and perhaps even compensated for work you may miss in the future.

Criminal Defense

Even the most minor of criminal charges can create a significant interruption in your life. As a criminal defense attorney, Jack Duffy will try to keep these charges from throwing you off track. In past cases, Mr. Duffy has convinced district attorneys and judges to dismiss cases and reduce the severity of criminal charges, allowing his clients to move on with their lives. Mr. Duffy believes strongly that everyone has the right to competent, intelligent legal defense in criminal cases, and will make sure that’s what you get when you hire him.


Charges of driving while intoxicated can cost you a lot more than money if those charges stick. If you are unfortunate enough to be accused of this crime in Haltom City or Tarrant County, call Jack Duffy. He has years of experience and the technical knowledge to provide you with the strong defense you need when facing law enforcement. While you may have made an error in judgement, Mr. Duffy will make sure a police error doesn’t cost you your license to drive.

Contact Jack Duffy

Jack Duffy has been serving clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for 27 years. His reputation is that he’s is one of the best criminal defense attorneys around, and his clients will attest to it. You need his services if you’ve been injured by another’s negligence or are facing criminal charges. Call him today.

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