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Criminal Defense

Criminal defense attorney Jack Duffy is one of the area’s elite criminal defense lawyers. With 27 years of successful defenses behind him, he has demonstrated his commitment to the principal that all those accused of a crime deserve an advocate on their behalf. He has demonstrated his commitment through his membership in organizations dedicated to the principal, and by putting the principal into practice. He’s helped hundreds get their traffic tickets dismissed, cases discharged and sentences reduced.

When you interact with law enforcement under difficult circumstances, you may feel pressure to talk to them. You are under no obligation to say anything, and you definitely shouldn’t make any conclusions for them regarding the events that led to your contact with them; not without calling an experienced criminal defense attorney like Jack Duffy. He will give you honest advice based on his years of experience in the practice of criminal defense.

Mr. Duffy will talk with you first to find out what happened, attentive to anything that may show the officer’s mistakes in handling your case. If they obtained evidence illegally, ignored or missed key evidence that breaks your way, he will be able to use that in your defense. He will be able to spot anything that may be used to protect your liberty and make sure you are treated fairly.

With Jack Duffy’s experience as a defense attorney comes an extensive knowledge of the Texas Criminal Code and the prosecutors and judges that address these issues daily. He will use the knowledge to your advantage, knowing what prosecutors are willing to do and what judges believe is fair. With this knowledge, he enters into any negotiation regarding your case from a strong position. With Mr. Duffy as your advocate, you won’t be led down the wrong path based on promises that can’t be kept. You will know what your options are. If the prosecution is unmoved, Mr. Duffy is an experienced trial lawyer who can provide you with a strong defense in court.

Being charged with a crime frightens many. Yet, with an experienced lawyer on your side, you have less to worry about. For an experienced criminal defense attorney committed to seeing that you get a fair hearing, call Jack Duffy today. He serves clients in Tarrant County, Denton County and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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