Haltom City DUI/DWI Attorney


Jack Duffy belongs to several organizations committed to training lawyers to address DUI cases, including the National College of DUI Defense. He received additional training on the investigation and defense of Intoxication Manslaughter and Driving While Intoxicated cases. He received certification in DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration so that he may better understand the process. The American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys recognized his excellence in the field and admitted him as one of their members.

Does all of the additional training and organizational memberships mean Jack Duffy is a great DUI defense lawyer? If his happy clients are to be believed, the answer is yes. Mr. Duffy applies his knowledge and experience to his clients’ defense. The results are often reduced sentences, dismissed cases or, most importantly, clean records.

Some attorneys will be quick to advise a guilty plea to collect your money and get you out the door to be replaced quickly by the next client. Mr. Duffy realizes how a guilty plea to a DUI or DWI can have a lasting effect on your life. You may lose your ability to drive to work or get the kids to school. Your insurance costs may skyrocket. If it is at all possible, Mr. Duffy will make sure a mistake doesn’t cost you more than it should. He will treat your case individually, listening to what you want and need as well as what happened to led to your arrest or citation. Then, he will be open and honest about what he can do for you.

With Jack Duffy’s training, experience and proven success, there is no question that he should be the attorney you call when facing DUI or DWI charges. Call Mr. Duffy today for elite DUI defense in Haltom City, Dallas County or the greater DFW area.

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